Our Experience

Vehicles & Heavy Equipment – Customer Assessment

nxtMOVE’s market assessment reveals opportunity. Our client had been researching the opportunities inherent in introducing a low speed vehicle. nxtMOVE developed and fielded quantitative consumer surveys to test preferences of consumers and dealers for different styles and options in a low speed vehicle introduction. During this engagement, nxtMOVE tested the actual vehicles for feel, style, color, and other features. Focus groups were conducted across the country with existing low speed vehicle owners. nxtMOVE also conducted data/response tracking and was able to determine which primary competitors would be introducing a similar vehicle.

Building & Construction – Competitive Benchmarking / Best Practices

Plastic building products manufacturer improves profitability of flagship product line. A major manufacturer of plastics in building products, heavy construction, and municipal projects needed in-depth information on key competitors in plastic building products. nxtMOVE profiled each competitor’s ownership, financials, product lines, commitment to the industry, plant locations, production capacity, production utilization, proprietary technologies, and distribution channels. By understanding the strengths and weaknesses of its major competitors, our client was able to consolidate its own position in the market and notably improve the profitability of this important product line.

Industrial / Manufacturing – Product Innovation, Services & Technologies

Determine customer preferences and requirements for a new stabilizer product. nxtMOVE’s client was in the process of developing a new unmanned drone stabilizer, and wanted to determine customer preferences and requirements for stabilizers. nxtMOVE conducted a Voice of the Customer assessment, and concluded that in the US, Europe, Australia and Brazil, the potential opportunities for the new vehicle was extremely limited. Moreover, a key competitor’s position as market share leader hindered the client’s ability to capture new customers. nxtMOVE also attended an annual industry conference / trade show to evaluate competitor products. The client incorporated nxtMOVE’s findings and recommendations into its strategic marketing plan.

Mergers & Acquisitions – Buy-Side Target Search

Acquisition search for cast-resin transformer manufacturer. This engagement was the second phase of a European mapping study of heavy industrial cast-resin transformer manufacturers. Our client was looking to acquire a European manufacturer as part of its global expansion initiative. nxtMOVE performed an acquisition search based on the mapping study and identified several attractive candidates. At the conclusion of the study, the client entered into discussions with one of the target companies.

Insurance & Finance – Market Assessment

Senior living facilities market assessment.  nxtMOVE’s client wanted to expand the markets in which it sells and services commercial insurance products. After a limited introduction into the professional services market of Assisted Living Facilities, the client determined that future market expansion into Professional Services Health Care Facilities Insurance could provide opportunities for growth in the commercial insurance market. nxtMOVE was engaged to conduct an in-depth analysis of the trends and buyer behavior in the assisted living market, including size, opportunities, growth rates, and products of interest. nxtMOVE contacted executives at senior living communities, other insurance companies and industry experts to discuss market growth. As a result of the engagement, the client hired a new market manager for this space and used the insight developed to determine future plans and expansion into the senior market.