Customer Insights

Take control of customer insights to gain a deeper understanding of how your audience thinks and feels.

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How you benefit

Executable, Impactful Insights

Customer insight is, or should be, the driving force behind companies' strategic initiatives.  Being able to adjust quickly to changes in customer sentiment enables those creating and driving strategy and operations to set their course with the knowledge of market dynamics.

nxtMOVE’s customer loyalty and retention program combines its 30 years of in-depth customer insight experience with scoring metrics to drive repeat business and new and incremental sales volume. Through our Voice of the Customer (VOC) experience, we leverage our expertise in identifying customer needs and illustrating the opportunities inherent in those needs, with Net Promoter Score (NPS®) and Customer Effort Score (CES) metrics to track performance, pinpoint bottlenecks and uncover process deficiencies.

In today’s world of 60-second news cycles, it is increasingly difficult to know how brands are performing relative to the competition. We know it is difficult to stay ahead of the media curve, however, our ability to synthesize in-depth qualitative brand insight with high volume analytical brand data empowers our clients with the tools to anticipate changes in perceived brand performance, and make the necessary mid-course adjustments to maintain a competitive edge.