Market Analysis

We gather information about conditions that affect your marketplace.

Market Analysis

How You benefit

Data Driven Insights

The combination of competitors, customers, suppliers, and other market influencers make up the sources of information that helps to shape strategic decisions and lower the risk of new initiatives.  Understanding market size and share, growth trajectory, paths to market, and competitive dynamics help frame your next steps with perceptions directly from those setting the pace in your markets.

Market landscaping provides the insight needed to invest in the best “go to market” strategies. We predict market size and growth potential, end-user trends, key factors for success, and barriers to entry. We help you evaluate the market terrain and prepare to effectively navigate for successful growth.

A firm understanding of market size/share and the directions they are moving is critical, whether benchmarking the competition, diversifying into adjacent products and market segments or acquiring. We understand how to collect and analyze competitor and market data and present it to you in a way that enhances confidence in your strategic decision making.

Just when you think your strategic plan is hitting its stride, a new technology, channel, competitor or process hits the market to impede your momentum. nxtMOVE sees these disruptions – whether large or small – on a regular basis. The good news is that these changes in the market don’t have to stymie growth. nxtMOVE’s combination of research methodologies drives to the core of the change, how it is successful, and most importantly how its impact can be minimized. We provide in-depth analysis from interviews with the architects of these disruptions, enabling our clients to leverage their own capabilities to continue to pursue their strategic goals, or make minor adjustments with limited impact on growth.

Competitive and best practices benchmarking can help evaluate your relative industry position in order to drive leadership performance targets and goals. We benchmark competitors and “best-in-class” companies in other industries to provide a clear understanding of how these companies succeed.