Growth Analysis

nxtMOVE performs analysis on businesses to identifying the growth pattern.


How you benefit

Are your decisions market-based?

nxtMOVE understands the lifecycle of your decisions:  are you an existing player in the market or looking to enter?  Are competitors established and what are their areas of focus?  Where are the white spaces to grow into? Can customers provide insight for your product development or channel strategy?  Should we grow organically or does acquisition make sense?

Questions like these are answered through our structured research which is based on our clients' exact needs rather than preconceived notions of how a company should react.  Leaning into discussions with market participants offers a more clear view of the steps to take and those to avoid.

Identifying and understanding ever-changing competitive, upstream and downstream market developments, including unrealized customer needs, is critical to your company’s positioning for future growth. While some competitors react, we help our clients anticipate and shape future market conditions.

Every company reaches a point in its history where growth in existing product categories or channels stagnate. So what do you do to counter growth stagnancies? Leverage existing expertise, experience and customer relationships to unveil previously unidentified growth opportunities. nxtMOVE combines its years of buy-side acquisition search expertise with customer insight research and analysis methodologies to uncover these adjacent market opportunities. We introduce clients to several different and actionable adjacent market opportunities with different risk-reward profiles.

Is your channel strategy most effectively balanced to capitalize on traditional and emerging channels? Our channel analysis and recommendations will help you optimize your existing channels and develop new avenues to market.

What drives product and service innovation? Internal and external technological innovation, changing economics, customer needs and preferences, unforeseen externalities…? We know it is all of the above and more. Our clients rely on us to identify and prioritize the most relevant trends that impact their innovation initiatives.