Mergers & Acquisitions

We help achieve synergy in the Mergers & Acquisitions process.

Mergers Acquisitions

How you benefit

Increase Confidence In Your Acquisition Decision and Set the Stage for a Quick Start with nxtSTEPS After the Deal Closes

Insight from a Target's customers and an enhanced understanding of market dynamics supports both conversations with the Target's management team during the diligence period and is the first step in setting the plan for growth strategy post-acquisition.

Market landscaping provides the insight needed to invest in the best “go to market” strategies. We predict market size and growth potential, end-user trends, key factors for success, and barriers to entry. We help you evaluate the market terrain and prepare to effectively navigate for successful growth.

Customer due diligence is essential in determining the ultimate value of any acquisition. We are experts at identifying red flags, validating the revenue stream you are acquiring, and keeping negotiation leverage on your side of the table.

Strategic acquisition search can provide proprietary opportunities to grow your business. nxtMOVE identifies, evaluates and helps buy-side clients close targeted acquisitions by providing original and continual deal-flow.

An acquisition can only be deemed successful when the portfolio company meets the five-year growth and exit targets. nxtMOVE employs market analysis to help executive management better understand customer and market dynamics, and develop and execute growth strategies that contribute to achieving the highest possible sale price.